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Our professional property management services improve your bottom line while making your property income passive. We focus on maximising profit through data-driven insight and delivering exceptional guest experiences through sites like Airbnb, Vrbo &

Everything you need to take the hassle out of the short term rental market

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Marketing Management

Professionally prepared listings across multiple sites to ensure your property stands out.

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Hosting Management

Complete guest management, including vetting, check-in, communication and support

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Property Management

We organise cleaning, toiletries and linens, as well as deal with any minor maintenance issues

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Pricing Management

We constantly analyse the market and competition to ensure the listing price delivers the best return.

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What Do The Most Hosts Do?

Essentially, we make it possible for property owners to enhance their income by helping them with short-term rentals. 
We ensure our customers get the absolute most from platforms such as Airbnbs and take care of everything, from photography, property listing, guest communication and services and property cleaning and maintenance.

What if my property is not listed on Airbnb??

We can help you to get your Airbnb account up and running. While your property is listed with us, you will not maintain access to your Airbnb account. However, we will provide you with monthly reporting detailing your property’s performance on the platform.

How Do I Block Bookings if I Want to Use the Property Myself?

You can contact us anytime to block the dates you need. We will ensure your property is thoroughly cleaned and ready for use. When you check out, there will be a fee for cleaning added to your account so that your property can be prepared for your next guest.

If I Choose to Stop Using Most Hosts, What Do I Need to Do?

You will need to give us a minimum of 30 days notice before you plan to terminate your contract with us. At this point, we will then deactivate your account and give you back control of your listing. However, you will be required to honour all bookings made already, irrespective of the cancellation period; otherwise, you will be required to pay cancellation fees if you choose to cancel bookings.

How Can I Increase My Rental Earnings When Using Most Hosts?

We have a price strategy that considers a wide range of factors, such as the location of your property, the price of other rental property, occupancy rates in the area, travel trends, seasons and many other factors. We have a team of specialists who ensure that they do everything possible to maximise your earning potential.

What is the Cost of Most Hosts Property Service?

Our service is based on commission which means that we charge for every booking we make. The costs that we charge will cover all aspects of managing the property such as listing your property, managing bookings and cleaning. We do offer additional services that you can take advantage of that are charged separately. The commission that we charge can vary depending on the market while an onboarding fee is charged for new properties. We also offer fixed rent in some markets, so have a chat with us to find out more.

In Order to Get Started, Will I Need to Pay a Set Up or Onboarding Fee??

We do charge a one-off fee for onboarding and getting your property set up, and this is based on the size of the property, its availability and its location. This will also cover the cost of photography, listings, and a survey from our staff to ensure your property is ready to take guests. This fee is not charged up front but is taken from the first month’s income that your property earns.

How do I Manage My Earnings?

You will be able to find all the information you need in your dashboard, and this includes bookings and revenue. This dashboard is kept up to date and provides you with instant data about your property and your earnings.

When Will I Get Paid?

Payments are made on the last working day of every calendar month. This will cover bookings that took place that month.

How Do You Maintain the Safety of My Property?

For every booking we make, we ask for a Guest ID and ensure that it matches the name of the booking. If a booking is made in another name, we will ask for the ID of the person who will be staying in your property. If the ID of the individual who made the booking is not available, then we will take the decision to cancel the booking to ensure your property remains safe.

What Happens if Someone Causes Damage or Steals From My Property?

We ensure we vet all guests to reduce the risk of problems. We request that you remove valuables where possible, especially for short-term lets. If guests do cause damage or items are stolen, then we will work hard to ensure that we recover those losses. If the booking is made through Airbnb, then you will be able to take advantage of the Host Guarantee coverage.

In Order to Begin Hosting With The Most Hosts, What Certificates Do I Need?

This will depend on the market, but we might require specific documentation to list your property with us. We expect your property to meet all health and safety requirements. Before hosting, we also ensure that you carry out electrical and gas safety inspections and that carbon monoxide alarms are working correctly.


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